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Trainee 19- Jasmine Juniper by Miha-Hime Trainee 19- Jasmine Juniper by Miha-Hime


[ Name ] Jasmine “Beta” Juniper

[ Rank ] 

[ Age ]  21

[ D.O.B ]  December 2nd, 1991

[ Nationality ] Filipino , American

[ Spoken Dialect ] English ( Full ), Filipino ( Basic- unpracticed )  

[ Class ]   Hacker

[ Weapons ]   Web


[ Partner ] N/A

[ Ability ]   Silk Spinner

The User produces a tough, spider-like silk from special glands located in their mouth.


How it works:


:bulletyellow: The user has two special glands, “web sacs” in their cheeks, located where the lymph nodes would be. Their body produces a special, sticky gel in the sacs, which can either be spit out as a sticky glob, or can be spun with their fingers into a strand.


:bulletyellow: In order to produce the protein rich Silk the user has a higher protein synthesis than the average person. 




:bulletred:Able to spin a strong silk thread to make into ropes, nets, or web. Once spun into a rope the silk is 1/4th an inch in diameter. 


:bulletred: Can spit unprocessed silk as a glue or adhesive material, it can also be used to blind an attacking enemy if spat/thrown at their face and eyes. The the Silk gel has the equivalent stickiness to duct-tape, so can be pulled off by force but it might hurt or leave the skin red and blotchy.  


:bulletred:The inside of the user's mouth is coated in saliva with a unique chemical property found only in the user, it keeps the adhesive property of the gel from sticking to the inside of their mouth and teeth. This evaporates when exposed to open air. 


:bulletred: The spun silk is very durable, and can hold up to 3x the user’s weight. ( Roughly 300lbs )


:bulletred: Very flexible, can stretch up to 30% it's original size without ripping or tearing.

:bulletred: The silk can maintain its durability even in extreme temperatures, between -40*F / 428*F




:bulletblack: After 30 minutes of air exposure the silk will dry and lose it's initial stickiness, going from the adhesive property of duct-tape to the adhesive property of regular spider web (aka can still cling to things but is easily removed ).


:bulletblack: During these 30 minutes the unspun silk will firm up into a congealed form but remains semi-flexible. Spun silk doesn't harden or firm up because it's been properly processed. (Any surface already stuck to something won't lose its stickiness because it isn't exposed to open air. It will maintain its duct-tape property until removed, then will take the same 30 minutes to properly 'dry')


:bulletblack: Though it is durable to stretching and tearing, the thread can still be cut using any sharp instrument such as a knife or pair of scissors. It will also deteriorate if exposed to open flames.


:bulletblack: If the user is dehydrated or suffering from dry mouth then the gel will stick to the inside of their mouth and potentially glue it shut. They shouldn't use their ability in these conditions- though it will reverse itself once the user is able to salivate again.


:bulletblack: The user can only produce 20 feet of spun silk before depleting their reservoir, or 1 cup of "silk Gel",  It takes 3 days to completely refill an emptied reservoir.


:bulletblack: Spinning the silk takes time, 10 minutes for every foot of silk rope. 

Ability Origins

The ability is hereditary from  her mother’s side of the family. Nearly all of the women in their family have inherited some sort of spider-like mutation. This is why, when combined with their Greek ancestry, It is believed that they are potential Descendants of Arachne, the woman who, according to mythos, was turned into a spider by the Greek Goddess Athena and the mother of all Spiders.

It’s unknown if her descendants inherited this ‘curse’ from Arachne, or if they were in fact the inspiration behind the mythology.

[ Psycho-Analysis ] 

| Analytical | Detached | Tactless |

Calculating to an extreme, Beta is one who prefers to wait and analyze then rush any opinions or decisions. Isn’t one to confirm something until she’s tried every potential option and has double and even triple checked her work. This works well in her field as she’s able to focus more on gathering facts and picking out relevant information. 


While her work ethics are above-par socially Beta has a physical Detachment from other people. Capable of casual communication through message boards and audio or video chats, in person she is completely different. Beta dislikes physical contact and prefers other people to remain at least five feet away from her at all times. Very few people are allowed within this boundary, and only those she’s developed closer relationships with- such as friends- can be closer without her showing discomfort. Though the detachment isn’t simply physical; she also shows a lack of emotional response to other people’s pain and suffering. Empathy is not in her personality.


By lacking a sense of empathy for others, it had led to Beta coming across as a tactless person. She will say what she wants to say without consideration for other people’s feelings. If someone wants an honest opinion about something, she is the one to go to.

[ Biography ] 

Born to a young couple in the Philippines, her early childhood was one of little excitement. She was raised in a small house with a working dad and stay at home mother. Her father worked in manual labor, earning just enough money to keep the family fed and clothed, and enough to put into savings for their daughter. They hoped for their daughter to excel at school and get a good education, something that could drive her to get a good job in the future, and a good life for herself and their family. As she started to learn to talk and read, her mother took time from her day to teach her basic numbers and math, wanting to give their little girl a head start.


Using the money they had set aside they enrolled her in preschool and kindergarten classes at Felipe G. Calderon Elementary School. This was something only privileged children got to attend normally, but with drive and determination her family pushed her to join the classes as well. At 6 she was enrolled in first grade at Felipe G. Calderon Elementary. It was a good school, with a science lab, mathematics lab, and even a computer lab.


In the same year her younger brother was born, and her father had to start taking double and triple shifts to keep affording their mediocre but happy life. This put stress on him, and he often came home tired and exhausted, going straight to bed and rarely talking of visiting with the family. Their mother worked hard to fill the family home with plenty of love, but she felt the attention slipping from her as her baby brother was quite the handful. She started pursuing her education more hands-on, wanting to earn back her parents favor and notice, making sure to study hard, spending extra hours at school to finish all of her assignments.


At seven she came down with a sore throat and mouth, feeling that her glands were swollen and her jaw ached. She refused to stay home from school that day, regardless of the discomfort. However half way through the school day the aches were becoming worse. She left the class room to use the bathroom, looking inside of her mouth in the first mirror. What she noticed scared her, as it looked like she had an open sore in the back of her cheek. She packed her cheek with wet paper towel and returned to the class room, though was quiet and didn’t talk the rest of the day. She went home immediately after school to tell her mother- who was quite shocked when she tried to pull a piece of towel out of her mouth, only to find silken strings attached to it when she started to pull it out.


Her mother sat her down that day, and told her that she was… special. She told her about their, how the women in their family called themselves ‘Weavers’. Her mother showed her that she could do the same, teaching Beta how to spin the silk she made into thread and rope. It awed the girl, calming her fears when she saw that her mother could do the same. Her mother hadn’t told her sooner, hoping perhaps it had skipped her daughter. But seeing that it hadn’t, she taught her small steps to control it, and that she needed to keep it secret from her father and brother.


At 8, by her own determination she enrolled into an after school computer class at the campus. With their school having its own computer lab she was a lucky girl to have this opportunity. The teacher took notice of her drive and efforts, and she was able to excel in her lesson. She was doing so well over the next two years that the Teacher in charge of the computer lab donated one of the old school computers to her family. He wanted her to use the computers more and have more opportunities than she had previously available. She loved the chance it provided; trying to learn everything there was about the computer she was given.


Driving her own education she joined a series of internet chartrooms for students, using this as a chance to better her English language skills and talk to other students all around the world. They helped each other with homework, life problems, provided a source of relationships she had started to lack due to how busy she kept herself at school. One of the members of the chatroom, a boy from America, quickly became online friends with her. They exchanged emails, and names. His name was Jacob. He always helped her when he was online, and was always there when she logged online to vent about a bad day at home.


Her mother started to question the gifts and presents that arrived in their mail box, little trinkets that her daughter quickly stole to her room. They thought she was buying things online without their permission, didn’t understand when she told them they were presents from a friend in America. The boy was wooing her, and she was sure this was love. At the age of 13, loving a boy seemed to make so much more sense. She focused less on her studies, always hiding away to talk to him online. Her parents were furious, wondering what had happened to their clever daughter. They tried to limit her time online, banning her from the chatrooms. She was sure they were trying to ruin her life. How could they do that to her, after everything she’d done?


Her father lost his job, and her brother was starting school now. It was a rough time at home-for a teenager- and after a fight with her family she locked herself away in her room. Using the phone Jacob had sent her to text him that she couldn’t take it anymore. That’s when he asked her to come to America, to run away with him. He was going to Visit the Philippines, and he’d bring a Fake ID and a passport for her, and they could go to America, together.


They had it all planned out. A few weeks later she snuck out of the house, packing only a single bag full of clothes, and ran away. She met Jacob at the airport, he was older than she had expected, but she didn’t care. They were in love. He pretended to be her father, and with the passport he had forged for her and the false ID, he got them onto a plane to America.


“Jasmine Juniper” moved into a Foster Family in California at 16. She was receiving regular therapy sessions, and it was by the encouragement of her therapist that she started to work on relationships with people again. It was important that she set life goals, didn’t shut people out, and found ways to keep her busy and moving forward, rather than feeling like her life was over. It took her months before she felt comfortable getting online again, and joining a few chat rooms. Though she never trusted anyone like she had trusted Jacob, it was a safe environment to talk to people without having to volunteer anything personal, or to be exposed to them. She was completely in control here, able to log off or on at her leisure.


At her school in California her foster family signed her up for Computer Classes. She hoped they would remind her of her childhood, the good times before moving to America. Though she was behind in most of her subjects she had help from private tutors to catch up in her studies. Her foster family provided a lot of support, and she started to grow closer to them and rely on them more. At school her relationships were limited, and she didn’t let anyone touch her. She avoided physical contact as much as possible, as it made her increasingly uncomfortable. However she was able to pursue her education, finding relief in the familiar drive to study and learn.


At 18 she graduated High school and received a full scholarship from the government, as a female of a minority and a foster child. She chose to go to a technical college in California, and earned her Associates Degree after two years.  She was able to get a job as a QA tester for cell phones, starting at an early stage. She enjoyed the job, it was a lax environment but she was able to excel for the simple fact that she had the drive to do the work, rather than just play around like lots of other employees did. Instead of completing the bare minimum, she worked hard to find bugs and defects.


By the time she was 21 she had earned the nickname “Beta” from her co-workers, as she was typically the company’s first pick as a Beta Tester for new apps and phones. She enjoyed her job, as the complex and time consuming process of bug testing was a great way to take up time and required a lot of repetitive tasks that kept her distracted. At home she studied additional methods of bypassing firewalls and cracking security keys through overwhelming spams. As a QA tester she learned new ways to break programs and apps. Using online sources she studied making ciphers, going above and beyond the line of requirements for her work.


Then, in 2013, she saw a particularly unusual news report that exposed a supposedly ‘hidden’ Organization that wore white coats and colored glasses. At first she didn’t think anything of it, but the following day everyone at her work was talking about the news and how it had all but disappeared from the internet minutes after airing! Like any ‘leaked’ video, the hype only increased when no one else could get it. People tried torrenting the original broadcast, uploading it to any server they could, but always the video was pulled as soon as it was up. Even Beta couldn’t resist the temptation to try and get the video, as many of her co-workers had failed.


That night after work she sat down and started her search. Pulling any leads and comments in the online community regarding it. Through an anonymous tip she wound up on a Government Web page. It required passwords and security to access any of the files, and Beta felt up to the challenge. She started running one of her self-made ciphers, overwhelming the security login with repeated attempts until she had decoded the security key and broke through to the encrypted files. However, as the page started to load her screen froze, a pop up opening and filling her entire desktop screen. It had a single logo on it, no words. Just a black circle with a pair of light blue glasses. Her computer had completely locked down, and she had to unplug it to turn it off. She didn’t dare touch it for the rest of the night and went to bed a failure.


The next day she logged into her computer and saw she had received an email from “A-gents”, the subject included her full name. Feeling a cold chill she deleted the email without opening it. After that she received no further notifications, and also gave up trying to find that news report video. However, the “A-gents” weren’t done with her quite yet… 2 months later she had visitors come to her house. A short woman with dark hair and amber eyes, and a taller, dark skinned woman with a streak of pink in her bangs. They introduced themselves to Beta, and told them they knew about her ‘trick’ she had pulled on the government website. Beta, fearing they were here to arrest her for illegally accessing a government website was surprised when they told her they wanted to offer her.. A job.


Initially, Beta was hesitant to trust them. Especially when they asked her to transfer to their headquarters for proper training. She knew better than to agree to go anywhere with someone she had just met, especially online. After a knowing look the two women changed their terms. They offered her a trial position, one she could work on from home. She would receive ‘training’ over a secured server and they’d provide online lessons and give her small assignments, which she’d be paid for. She accepted this, on the terms that she could quit any time she wanted.


After a few months of this, and a regular pay-check, she came to trust that their offer was a Legit one. No one questioned her further or continued to push her to transfer, but she knew that she was only getting partial lessons and floater jobs. This wasn’t real work, but the work itself was interesting. She wanted to know more, to really put her skills to the test.


Finally, she contacted her mentor during their next training session, and requested to continue her training from HQ.

[ Extras ]

:bulletred: Doesn’t like to be touched. Physical contact should be kept minimal and if absolutely necessary limited to her ‘safe area’, which is her hands and arms.

:bulletred: Dyes her hair blond to look less ‘foreign’.


:bulletred: Excellent at playing Cats Cradle.


:bulletred: Lost her Filipino accent since moving to America at 13.


:bulletred: Seems to have a ‘kin-ship’ with spiders, and they tend to leave her alone or don’t seem agitated if she touches them or moves them. She’s never felt uncomfortable around Spiders and has never been bitten by one.


:bulletred: Spiders avoid area’s where Beta has set up her ‘webs’, as if respecting her territory.


[ Medical Information ]  

[ Blood Type ] B-

[ Allergens ] 


:bulletblue: Metal Allergy: Develops a mild rash and hives by skin contact with certain metals, Specifically Nickel, Brass, and Copper.


:bulletblue: Only wears jewelry made of pure metals like silver and gold. Not the cheap stuff.

[ Mental Disorders ]

:bulletblue: PTSD ( User suffers physical discomfort and nausea from seeing or hearing sexual activities. )

[ Medical Diagnosis ] 

:bulletblue: Diagnosed with HIV –Stage 1. Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy. Currently no Detectable Viral Load.

:bulletblue: Prescribed with:  Prezista + Norvir + Truvada.

[ Height ] 5’2” / 157 cm 

[ Weight ] 108 lbs / 49 kg

[ Eye Color ] Brown

[ Hair Color ] Dark Brown ( Bleaches it blond )

[ Ability Precautions ]

:bulletblue: User has a higher Protein Synthesis and requires a High-protein Diet to properly produce Silk


Jasmine Juniper (c) :iconmiha-hime:

:icona-gents: belongs to :icontomokou::icondeath-by-papercuts::iconyukikou-chan::iconmiha-hime::iconhullo-whats-that::iconresistancegirl11:

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