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February 21, 2011
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NPC- Tristyn Woka by Miha-Hime NPC- Tristyn Woka by Miha-Hime

[EDIT 6] After a series of missions and a growing number of injuries, one lost Kidney, and the inability to maintain elite standard at her job, A-gent 69 was transferred to HQ03 to take on the new roll of Training Instructor for the newbie pilots, as well as utilizing her experience in cargo hauls and long distance space travel ( Co-pilot and instructor position only )


[EDIT 5!] Got her old rank back, BBY :iconsexydanceplz:

[EDIT 4(?) ] As of 10/11/12 ( Isn't that an awesome date? :iconitsbeautifulplz: ) Tristyn has a newly updated app~

( Stock used for pose Reference… By *SenshiStock )

[EDIT 3] Redrew and colored myself- I missed the mohawk :iconpapcryplz:

[EDIT 2] :iconlazycryplz: re-updated to include the new scars 105 will be sporting after exorcising the demon Alex from CC17

[EDIT] :iconwhywouldyoudothatplz: :heart: Credit for the coloring belongs to :iconneipypien: How she even- I don't even- FFf <3 <3 <3 Thank you so much Neipy!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EDIT ~~~~~~~~~~~

//Name// Tristyn Woka

//Number// 69 ( Not just the position :iconohseriousmplz: ) Sesenta y Nueve

//Age// 32

//D.O.B// 01/06/1980


//Ability// Shamanism (Recently realized)

Tristyn was born into a bloodline of powerful Witch Doctors of the Piaute Native American tribe.

Like he grand father, Tristyn is able to see the ghosts and spirits that walk on the other side. As a medium, the shaman's of their tribe are trained from a young age to know how to assist the spirits and chase away the bad spirits which cause disease and sickness of the heart.

Tristyn ignored her ability because she was afraid of ghosts, and only recently game to terms with it.

Her power is untrained, though it has had 31 years to develop.

Shaman's abilities
:bulletgreen: Medium: and ghosts of the dead. This is always turned on, which makes 105 uncomfortable. She can speak and communicate with them.
:bulletred: Spirit guide: through a performance of the so-called "Ghost dance" and mediation, Tristyn could act as a guide to draw spirits and help them into the after life. She doesn't know how to, however.
:bulletred: Astral Projection/ Spirit walking: By going into a meditative trance, she can walk the astral plane and go on vision quests and speak with the spirits on their side. However, she has very poor control over this and often rejects her own spirit on accident.
:bulletgreen: Exorcism: The shaman's staff she wields can seal and expel unwanted bad spirits.

:bulletblack: Obviously lacking control and knowledge of her powers
:bulletblack: Over-exposure to spirits and ghosts causes her body temperature to lower, as her body attempts to read a bridge in this world and the next.
:bulletblack: being so spiritually open, Tristyn's body can attract negative spirits. She is very open to Possession, especially if she is Spirit Walking.

//Weapon//: Sealing Stamp

The cane 69 carries with her is in-fact a totem staff that had been used by her Grandfather during his Medicine-man rituals. In her grandfather's hands he could ward off evil spirits, seal them into objects, cure diseases, ect-

69's spiritual connection to the staff is extremely dull in comparison, but her natural spiritual energy is still able to evoke some basic effects- namely.

:bulletred: Being touched by the cane when 69 is holding it will "Seal" the target.

:bulletred: The seal works on a hierarchy, meaning that it effects everything from the point of contact down.

- If 69 taps your hand, she seals the entire hand and the fingers.
- If she taps your shoulder, she seals that entire arm
- If she taps your head/neck, then it seals the entire body.

:bulletred: This 'seal' leaves the body paralyzed and feeling Heavy, as if it were made of stone. It wears off after a few minutes.

CAUTION- Sealing Stamp has negative effects against electronic devices.

//Personality// Tristyn is a loud, obnoxious, fun loving woman. She likes to drink, gamble, and flirt with girls. She's pretty immature for her age, and enjoys being goofy and fun rather than serious. She takes things lightly and is pretty easy to fire up. She gets in a lot of brawls, and because of that she's a fairly good in a fight. She's a big woman, so she can hold her own in a bar brawl. ( She would get her ass kicked by anyone with any real training, however. ) Growing up in Las Vegas she's seen a lot, and has very little shame or modesty. Trist has an 'autopilot' setting which gets on Rea's nerves a lot. When she sees another girl (especially a hot one) she can't stop herself from checking them out or hitting on them. She has little self - control on that matter.

Tristyn's story starts with her mother. Youngest of two Twins, both rebellious girls who ran away from the Piaute tribe to move to Vegas and live on their own. They were shamed by the tribe and their father, Witch Doctor Woka. It was years before the tribe heard from either of the girls. Tristyn's mother had gotten knocked up. She returned to the tribe, asking for help. They took her back in. Tristyn was born in the tribe, and her mother stayed there to raise her. She wanted to settle down from the crazy Vegas life.

The granddaughter of the Tribe's Witchdoctor, Trist had lots of expectations and regulations in her life. When she was a little girl her grandfather said she had great spiritual potential, and took her into his own personal care. He wanted to raise her as the next shaman to replace him when he died. It wasn't something that Tristyn wanted, however. She was a stubborn girl, and the spirits that she could see scared her. She tried to refuse the training as much as possible. Much to her grandfather's anger. He saw nothing but his two daughters rebellious nature in Tristyn. He was determined to get rid of it.

Tristyn was forced to continue the spiritual training against her will. When she fought or did poorly, her grandfather would take a thing branch from the trees outside and lash her across the back. He abused her in a number of ways, doing things that she will never forgive from him. Because of him, she can never look at a man in a sexual way. But Tristyn's nature didn't change. She was a wild horse that didn't want to be broken. This continued for years. When Tristyn turned 13, she had decided that she had enough. Stealing her grandfather's Staff she ran away from the tribe. Knowing that she had an aunt living in Vegas she went and hunted her down. Her aunt took her in, and agreed to take care of her.

Finally free, Tristyn was out of control. She wanted to do everything she had never been free to do in the tribe. She grew up wild, wanting adrenaline, adventure, fun. She got piercings, tattoo's, got drunk, gambled, fell for a lot of girls. She fought with people, got into gangs, did anything she could to proove to the world that she was wild and free. When she turned 16 she stole a car. That started her love for speed. After that, she wanted anything that could go fast- cycles, bikes, sports cars, anything she could get her hands on. She wanted to drive fast, beat the records, get into races. . . Wound herself in the hospital a few times because of it.

Her senses for the spirits slowly faded. It never completely disappeared, but she ignored them as much as she could. She never wanted any part of that world anymore. The only things she continued to carry from her childhood were the scars on her back and the staff she had stolen.

Uno found her when she was 24, having gotten into a school of flight. She wanted to reach the sky. He offered her something higher than the sky. Freedom she couldn't get anywhere else. She refused. It was 3 years later, Tristyn now 27, when she finished her training as a pilot. She loved the planes, getting off the ground, the speed, but after that strange visitor, she had always wondered. . . what could be higher than the clouds? It drove her mad. Nothing was satisfying anymore. She wanted the next rush but couldn't find it. So she tried to find him, hunt him down. No luck. She searched for months, unsatisfied. . . and finally he came back to her. This time, she accepted his offer.

Her life in the Agency has been fun. Trist ran into a very cold Scientist in her first few weeks there, and it left a deep impression on her. . . for 4 years she's been pursuing that said scientists, and it's become a habit of hers to visit the labs on a daily basis. Much to that Scientists dismay.


* Has a pet dog living back in Vegas with her Aunt. She refers to him as her 'baby'
* Has little modesty and loves to show off her body.
* Loves parties and getting drunk.
* Gambles all the time, even though she has a terrible poker face.
* Sounds like a witch when she laughs.
* Has a girlfriend boyfriend <3
* Her ship is named Maltesse miha-mimiko-kyattuha.deviantar…


//Blood type// B+

//Allergens// None

//Phobia// Phasmophobia ( Fear of ghosts )

//Psychological conditions//

:bulletblack: Martyrdom

:bulletblack: Hero-complex

:bulletblack: Daredevil

//Scar Meme//…

//Major Surgeries//

:bulletblue: Stitches needed for numerous lacerations across body and tissue reattachment at wrists ( 3/25/12 )

:bulletblue: Surgery treatment of 5 bullet wounds, fractured rib, and punctured lung (2/26/12)

:bulletblue: Surgery for bullet wound to right foot. (--/--/11)

:bulletblue: Surgery to repair burst Eardrums (8/30/11)

:bulletblue: Spinal Surgery to repair fracture to 3 of the Lumbar Vertebrae (7/16/11)

:bulletblue: Surgery to repair Fractured Radius and Ulna ( 04/10/07)

:bulletblue: Hospitalized from multiple blunt force trauma's to face and arms, fractured femur ( 11/09/97)

:bulletblue: Hospitalized for alcohol poisoning (02/24/94)

-- No further records --

//Ability related//

:bulletred: Body temperature drops when ability is active

:bulletred: When Spirit Walking 69's body will go into a sleep-like trance, and her body temperature will drop dramatically.

( Electro-shock therapy has been known to force 69 back into her body (( Like using a defibrillator )) )

:bulletred: Body has higher tolerance lower temperatures and recovers from hypothermia conditions with no noticeable ill effects.
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